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2006 Combined High School
Regatta ... 600 images

18~22th April 2006

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The Photo Albums:

Album1 (Invitation race)

Album 2 (Wednesday)

Album 3 (Thursday)

Album 4 (Friday)

Album 5 (Saturday)

Photos ... how to see them

  • There are 5 seperate albums of thumbnails
  • Click on the first thumbnail to display a larger image then use the small arrows at the top to cycle through the album.
  • Go to the next album and do the same

Photos ... the "small print" stuff :

  • Copyright: Kingsley Forbes-Smith, www.miboat.com
  • Photos may be copied for personal / school use FREE.
  • If pictures are copied onto a webpage, I would appreciate photo credits go to: " www.miboat.com Sailing faster " with an underlying link to http://www.miboat.com/

Photos ... how to get a high resolution copy (particularly if you wish to print them)

  • I can email just 1 image, (mostly they are 2 meg jpg versions), free, if you have subscribed to the free sailing coaching newsletter. :)
  • Hi-res jpg copies of all my photos from the regatta, on a DVD for $15 ... if you need them on 2xCD's please leave comment when ordering.
  • Payment through paypal using my "parent company" ... Pro People Pty Ltd
  • kingsley@miboat.com

Selected Sample Images

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Click thumbnail for larger version

CHS Album 1 ... Invitation race, 150 images

CHS Album 2 ... Wednesday ... 150 more photos