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Online Sailing Simulator Game

Play and learn,

For Beginners: trimming mainsail and steering

For Racers: Predicting windshifts, "changing gears", sail shape, vang, eliminate the "Silent Anchor" plus heaps more..

Sailing Game


2013 MYC training afternoon 2nd Feb Photos

2013 F11 Nationals at St George Photos

2012 NSW Youths Photos: Saturday

The steep waves were a challenge!

Flying Sabots Open Bic

Learn about sailing ... online

Online Coaching Videos ... here now !

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How to tune your boat to sail faster.
Understanding how to pick the fastest course to the next mark
Developing skills onboard to help your boat handling
Understanding the rules so you can "play safe" or "force a competitor"
Develop seamanship ... so you can be safe and not look foolish.

Sample Coaching video

One of the best kept secrets ... how to "see" the wind by looking at the water.
( videos are approx 2-3 minutes in length)

If you are sailing or want to learn more about sailing, you are crazy to walk past this deal, its free but only for a limited time

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Latest videos added ...

what are wind shifts & how to use them
recognising and predicting a wind shift off a "hill".

If you would like to support my work, Just enter the amount in dollars ... 5, 10, 50, 500 etc.

Latest Regatta Photos

Flying 11 Nationals January 2013 All Photos

NSW Youths September / October 2012 Saturday

CHS, Belmont April 2012, Page1, page2, page3

Moths at Teralba, 8th April 2012 .. batch1, batch2

Woody Point Sailing

F11's at Cronulla Feb 2012 Saturday, Sunday

Youths at Illawarra Yacht Club 1st~3rd Oct 2011

Featured Photos

From CHS 2012

Previous regattas

F11 F11

NSW Youth MJ NSW Youth 29er

NSW Youth wing NSW Youth 420

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