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The author has over 40 years of coaching and practical sailing experience, racing, cruising and mucking about in boats. He has built coaching skills in various industries including sailing, computers, music and life skills. His expertise is in making tricky subjects easy with an eye for getting the detail right.

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Your Sailing success may be about ...

One thing for Sure ... Sailing is about knowledge and experience.

The Miboat newsletter can help you achieve safe and fast sailing by showing you videos that are clear and help you get the fundamentals right.

You will be getting access to videos that vary from racing techniques to seamanship skills.

Whatever your present skill level, my aim is to make useful material available to you to view online.

So why provide these video for free ?

Because I believe that sailing is such a good sport to help develop children. adults and their minds. This is the reason that I have been coaching for many years at local sporting clubs, free... because I believe in it, but now you will also gain access to this information.

The internet is a great way to make the information easily available to you at little or no cost.

I will also be offering bonus videos that go into more detail to fine tune your skills and I will be charging a small fee for access to these but by signing up now you get access to these ... for nothing! Snap up this now and sign up, this offer will not last.

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