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A few Photos that may be of interest: (each link is to an album)

Regattas 2013

Moths Wangi, January 2013 all photos

Flying 11's Nationals St George all photos

Regattas 2012

NSW Youths September / October 2012 Saturday

CHS Combined High School Sailing Regatta photos, Belmont April 2012, Page1, page2, page3

Moths at Teralba, 8th April 2012 .. batch1, batch2

Woody Point Sailing

F11's at Cronulla Feb 2012 Saturday, Sunday

Regattas 2011

Youths at Illawarra Yacht Club 1st~3rd Oct 2011

29ers at Belmont January 2011

Regattas 2010

Regattas 2009

Regattas 2008

Regattas 2007

CHS 2007 Belmont 16's April 2007, 800 photos, Intro

Regattas 2006

29er Nationals, (all 400 photos , selection of 30) Belmont 16', 28th & 30th Dec 2006
Flying Eleven McGrath Estate Agents Upper Harbour Championships, Lane Cove, 4th Nov 06
Manly Junior NSW States, Round 1, Avalon, Oct 2006
Yachting NSW Youth Champs (all photos, or Preferred set only), Illawarra, October 2006, (videos on seperate page, coming soon)
Brass Monkey Regatta, Long Jetty, June 2006
Video of foiler moths
Combined High School Regatta April 2006
CHS Main index to all 600 images
Album1 ... Invitation race
Album2 ... Wednesday
Album3 ... Thursday
Album4 ... Friday
Album5 ... Saturday
Optimist NSW Championships, 1 ~2nd April 2006
School Teams Challenge, Yachting NSW 25~27th March 2006
Flying Eleven National Championships, Belmont, January 2006
Manly Junior National Championships, Belmont 16's, January 2006 (photos: Kingsley)
Training names quiz ,

Regatta Videos :

(these are not specific coaching videos)

p Lane Cove 12 foot Sailing Skiff Club (2 min) includes close up of skiffs on the edge and capsizing.
p Yachting NSW Youth Champs October 2006, here soon !! (all strong wind stuff, capsizes, speed thrills etc )
p Brass Monkey Regatta ... Foiler moths Just for fun, these boats are fast ! (3 minutes)
p Yachting NSW School Teams Championships, (this is tactical racing at its best) (4 minutes)


Other photos

Scouts Dec 2006 Leaving on bus, Open day
Girls Soccer May 2006
Historic 18 footer at Brass Monkey Regatta Tuggerah Photos: Kingsley
My previous sailing website